Taschen Dance


Based in the Central Pennsylvania area, Taschen has been dancing for nine years and performing since 2011.

She first fell in love with belly dance during her student years at Sahara Dance in Washington D.C. where she studied under several instructors, including Na'la from dance group Shakra. She has also studied under Belladonna (founder of Bohemian Belly Dance) in D.C. as well as Wendy Broadway of Masala Movements. Adding to her knowledge and experience, she has taken workshops with Rachel Brice, Sera Solstice, Amy Sigil of Unmata and continues to study dance in its many forms. In 2014 she had the honor of learning traditional Kalbelia dance under the instruction of Suva Devi (Latcho Drom) of the Rajasthani Gypsy Caravan during their United States tour. 

Taschen is Teacher Certified through Masala Movements (2014 Certification) as well as holds a background in beginner Egyptian Cabaret, intermediate/advanced Tribal Fusion, fundamentals of American Tribal Style (ATS®) and Improv Tribal Style (ITS), industrial, and GoGo. Finding inspiration in anything from music to culture and stories, she is in a constant state of learning and expanding her horizon.

She is currently teaching an all levels Fusion Belly Dance class at the GettYoga studio in Gettysburg, PA.




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